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Wave Traveller, ooohhhhh

2015-03-19 15:14:51 by phosphorusprocedure

Remember that post I made a few months ago about how dope the granulizer is?

Apparently Wave Traveller does all that, and it doesn't require you to sacrifice 600 MB of RAM to duplicate all those samplers just so you can move the knob over a couple pixels.


edit -- something else I just found out. You know how in FL, for most plugins, you can right click on any knob and it'll ask you if you want to create an automation clip/automate the knob, whatever. But for unofficial plugins, you right click on the knob and nothing happens? E-Phonic LOFI didn't let me do that on "The Machine" so I made two units, copy pasted them, and automated the mix knobs on the mixer, total pain. Apparently, if you go to Tools -> Last Tweaked Parameter, the knob is there if you messed with it last. 

So I CAN automate the pitch/formant on Little Altar Boy. This is absolutely based.

Side note -- when you sign up for an account with soundtoys, they email you your username and password in plaintext. I feel kinda weary about putting credit card information or anything like that on there, when someone could easily wireshark my credentials and run hog wild with them. Hashes, man -- google it, you neanderthals.


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