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Has a definite Space Dandy feel to it (I say this in 2014, when this was released way before, which must be interesting)

At first I wasn't feeling the creature until he revealed his affinity for grenades, which was a funny/dark twist. When he cut the brake lines, I really thought he was gonna say he replaced the duck with a grenade or something.

Some of the character's dialogue clipped a bit. That's about the only issue I have. Nice work!

Thanks for using my music by the way! I appreciate it.

Whoa -- I had no idea my music got used in this until today when I was clicking around. Thanks for using it! I really enjoyed the video. Lots of clever little filmmaking techniques and things to unsettle me before the big twist (all the crazy zooms and whatnot). Nice work!

Alsnowman responds:

Haha actually need to thank YOU. I just randomly drew a horse in flash and made a credit sequence and slowly started coming up with the story line when I started playing your song over and over in the background. I hope you take that as a compliment coz yeah this vid is quite twisted! lol Thanx a ton again!

Pretty cool

Normally, I'd be pretty hard on flash, but clay is awesome. Reminds me of Primus music videos; cool to watch. Peace.

SoniKaoS responds:

Thanks :)

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You have a nice aesthetic spin on an old 80s game, but the collision detection was causing some problems. Maybe if you had a line or something right in front of both characters, than that would clear things up a bit. Other than that, though - excellent artwork, cool game.

LegolasFIN responds:


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This is weird. I like weird. Major Peggy vibes from this. I looooove the water drop as the snare effect. I think you could've kept stacking more weird noises on top, and made the track a bit more unsettling. I like the owl hoo-ing part in there, too.

Dig the grumpy grittyness of the bass. I like how the vocal sample gets cut off real abruptly with no reverb or anything like that. Nice chops happening here. I wish the snare had just a bit more meat to it, because the kick seems to overpower it a tad. Whole thing loops real nicely. Nice work, man!

Really dig it! I like the bassline a lot. I dig the jittery hats, can't tell if there's weird panning stuff going on with them or if you're just playing with the velocities on them. Wish the snare had a little more tail on it, this one punches in and out really quickly. The strings that come in around 30 seconds sound great.

B-RadGfromOV responds:

I was hopin the bassline was decent.

The hats were just chopped kinda swingy then smushed with the kick, sidechained along with the other samples

Thanks for the listen

I do music because I'm bored.

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