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That you playing the guitar that comes in at 0:35? That riff sounds siiiick.

The rhythm guitar playing throughout also sounds lovely.

Dig the kick. Dig the miscellaneous percussion. I'm iffy about the snare. Everything else in the beat fits into that spanish flamenco street band vibe really well, but the snare sounds like it came from a totally different place. It's really crisp.

At 0:55 and 1:12 what's that staccato thing trying to come in? I thought it was a flute. That was a nice touch.

Nice work, man.

B-RadGfromOV responds:

Yep that's me. Just soloed over the beat til I worked out a riff to record and did some improvising.

The flute thing was from a background tom/bass sample and it was lucky to play the flute that way.
Thanks bro.

Love the second beat. That clap is perfect. Dig the way the bass goes on a little noodle riff when the harp(?) drops out for a bit.

First beat - I like that crescendo of voices that comes in every 4 bars or so. Lively drum pattern, too. I like the rapid wiggle panning on that trumpet.

Happy birthday, m8! Dig this beat. What track of it was mine you sampled? I can't pick it out.

Where'd the bass come from? Was that from you, or did you pitch down my guitar? It sounds really cool.

B-RadGfromOV responds:

Thanks :D

It's the "70's rock riff sorta Bb" that you sent me. I just recently found it, as I haven't had notifications on email.

I added a little bump of bass at the beginning of every other bar, but otherwise, the meat of the bassline is from your recording (actually pitched up some) though I did bring it out a bit.

I dig the live guitar through this. You got a nice tone. I think it's live guitar? It might be chopped up. I can't really tell.

The 1:22 chiptune stuff sounds really good.

That kick that comes in at 0:49 -- why not use that through the whole song? The beat starts off with a sorta weak kick that has a hard time sticking out in the mix, and I think the beefier kick might work better.

Overall I dig this track.

Apilot responds:

Beefier may be better. I was going for like "gif" progression idk. I will def boost the kick and see if its better. The guitar is heavily altered ukulele!

This sounds like it could be in Midnight Club 2. It's dope

This is dope. I was really taken aback when the vocals came in because the beat was slow and had a sorta janky rhythm to it, while the rapping was super fast and frenetic. It's a cool contrast. I'm wondering what the track would sound like if the drums were busier and more frenetic like the vocals.

Dig the vinyl noise in the back. It was almost acting like a set of hats, in addition to the hats you had in the beat.

B-RadGfromOV responds:

With the beat I was going more for the lofi stoner sound. Faster hats would be good for the rap I suppose but I think ultimately wouldn't be right for the feel. So yea I agree the contrast is a little jarring at first. Verse would be better on the original beatbit was written to.

It's got a Madlib vibe to it. It would be cool if there were sudden stops and starts throughout the beat, and maybe some corny vocal samples thrown in there that echo for eternity.

Dig the bassline. Dig the way the background sample is chopped up. I think the drums themselves are fine, but I'm a tad iffy about the hats that go on top of them at 0:16. Maybe they're a tad loud? Maybe you could sidechain them to the drumloop so they don't compete with the main drums as much? I'm just brainstorming here.

DJDureagon responds:

Finally a good review. All good points. Sudden stops might be a good idea as for the hats. i feel liek the high end is lacking so the hats fill that space but i could tweak them for sure. As for vocal samples they are always a good idea i just need to find some that are suitable. Thanks for the feedback.

what do you mean by "flag it"?

I dig the goofy triplet rhythms in the plinky sounding instrument. They're definitely not eighth notes or whatever, they got a lot of swing to them

Those drum noises are cool too. I really dug the bottle falling off a desk at 0:46, and the sudden fall at 0:11 (na na na na na na)

That squirrelly Tyler synth in the intro -- beep bee beeeeep beeeep BWWWWWWWWeeep

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

A lot of songs lately I've been following the song title name scheme of "f@#$/ it" so this was just following that trend.

Yes those are some swingy synths

Thanks for your appreciation. I use some strangely real samples...

Yes that synth at the begin! I could have left that as a beat to be honest. Sounds rappable.

Thx phosphorus

That wah wah thing at 0:46 was cooooool.

That chromatic guitar riff is pretty unsettling. Dig the panning you do on it.

The piano at 1:34 was Shadowesque. Loved the tape stop on it before the drums came back in.

That clap by itself is a tad harsh on the ears, but when it's mixed in with the rest of the drums it sounds fine.

Hats had a cool rhythm to them.

BOULLIE responds:

Yo I made something using your Uno track. Kind of an ode to my city. I'll let you know if I post it or not

Thanks for reviewing

Drums and bass sound dope. At 3:27, when that voice (dead center, a tad nasal, almost sounds like a duck) sounds slid up, it sounded kinda off to me. Like it should've went up to a higher note or something. That was the only thing that sounded off to me. This track was way cool.

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thanks phospho. I think I know the one you're talking about. That little riff haha. Thanks for the kind words, my friend. :D

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