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Has a definite Space Dandy feel to it (I say this in 2014, when this was released way before, which must be interesting)

At first I wasn't feeling the creature until he revealed his affinity for grenades, which was a funny/dark twist. When he cut the brake lines, I really thought he was gonna say he replaced the duck with a grenade or something.

Some of the character's dialogue clipped a bit. That's about the only issue I have. Nice work!

Thanks for using my music by the way! I appreciate it.

Whoa -- I had no idea my music got used in this until today when I was clicking around. Thanks for using it! I really enjoyed the video. Lots of clever little filmmaking techniques and things to unsettle me before the big twist (all the crazy zooms and whatnot). Nice work!

Alsnowman responds:

Haha actually need to thank YOU. I just randomly drew a horse in flash and made a credit sequence and slowly started coming up with the story line when I started playing your song over and over in the background. I hope you take that as a compliment coz yeah this vid is quite twisted! lol Thanx a ton again!

Pretty cool

Normally, I'd be pretty hard on flash, but clay is awesome. Reminds me of Primus music videos; cool to watch. Peace.

SoniKaoS responds:

Thanks :)

That was pretty cool.

Huh. That Mario thing flew over my head, but I knew that sound effect was coming when I saw the treasure chest in the Pac-Man part. Some of it was pretty funny. I'll admit, though - I wasn't expecting that you'd use my song the way you did. Not at all. The best part was that the bass came in right when the asteroid blew up. That was awesome. Peace. (Also, I got some new beats on my page. Check 'em out)

Pandoryk responds:

Thank you very much Ph. P ^^
Be sure I'll check your new beats soon (and maybe use them for my next movies? hehe)

Catchy song, but. . .

You are quite the talented songwriter, but I wasn't totally digging the animation; it was kind of boring. What you should do is make the starting a little bit shorter, and get some meat on those bones (plot in the episode; pardon my dialect). And also, submit that song in the Audio Portal so I can put it on my mp3 player. I'll be singing that song in the shower. "Monty the tree. . ."

I do music because I'm bored.

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