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2007-11-21 11:45:20 by phosphorusprocedure

I'm hungry already.

Ever notice?

2007-09-21 15:09:11 by phosphorusprocedure

Just noticed this. . . every year that DJ Shadow puts out a new album, someone in hip hop dies. Weird, right? In 1996 (Endtroducing), it was 2Pac. . . in 2002 (The Private Press), it was Jam Master Jay. . . and in 2006 (The Outsider), it was Proof. Anyone else that I missed?

UPDATE: Oh, just remembered. J Dilla also died in 2006; he wasn't shot, though.

Mash-Up Ideas?

2007-08-21 17:44:41 by phosphorusprocedure

I was thinking about doing some Jay-Z mashups (I'm not serious), so I was wondering - what do you think would be the coolest Jay-Z mash-up album?

The Unknown Album (Joy Division/Jay-Z)
The Special Album (Evil Nine/Jay-Z)
The Division Album (Pink Floyd/Jay-Z)
The Melissa Etheridge and Jay-Z Album (Melissa Etheridge/Jay-Z)
The L.A. Album (The Doors/Jay-Z)
The Brain Salad Album (Emerson, Lake, & Palmer/Jay-Z)
The Holy Houses Album (Led Zeppelin/Jay-Z)
The Terrible-Tasting Mind Album (Ministry/Jay-Z)
The Quirky Occupations Album (Primus/Jay-Z)

Made a Jay-Z/ACDC mash-up. Download it here:

Remix Ph. P!

2007-07-27 11:36:00 by phosphorusprocedure

Remix Me!

Yeah, my songs suck. So, what better way to make them better than to put multi-tracks and acapellas on the internet for others. Follow the link above, where there are rules and crap. So far, I have two songs available for remixing: "The Foghorn", a dusty, bare-bones beat that wasn't well received, and "Convenience Store, Pt. 2", a sequel to my anthem to those that work 24 hours every day to keep freezing slurpees in our laps. All the information and most of the files are on there. I spread them out on several sites; better than using torrents. Which reminds me - I don't like torrents. Peace.