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2016-04-06 20:26:51 by phosphorusprocedure

I got this TASCAM tape thing that can record in stereo. I was definitely going to bounce some beats on there and see how they sound. 

Anyone got any requests? If not I'll just throw the jams on there that I'm curious about.

got a DX7

2015-12-05 13:52:45 by phosphorusprocedure

it sounds pretty dank


got some pdfs on how to program it


2015-08-20 19:38:14 by phosphorusprocedure

wooo got my electric guitar fixed up


2015-07-16 17:40:08 by phosphorusprocedure

Googlins got robbed so hard




emmys are broken as fuck

What can I say, security's mad into me.

Also, I figured out how to record stuff off cassettes. So I'm about to get that legit lo-fi shit going on. One of those Yorx vinyl/cassette/am/fm radio all-in-one things.

Stay based, y'all.

Wave Traveller, ooohhhhh

2015-03-19 15:14:51 by phosphorusprocedure

Remember that post I made a few months ago about how dope the granulizer is?

Apparently Wave Traveller does all that, and it doesn't require you to sacrifice 600 MB of RAM to duplicate all those samplers just so you can move the knob over a couple pixels.


edit -- something else I just found out. You know how in FL, for most plugins, you can right click on any knob and it'll ask you if you want to create an automation clip/automate the knob, whatever. But for unofficial plugins, you right click on the knob and nothing happens? E-Phonic LOFI didn't let me do that on "The Machine" so I made two units, copy pasted them, and automated the mix knobs on the mixer, total pain. Apparently, if you go to Tools -> Last Tweaked Parameter, the knob is there if you messed with it last. 

So I CAN automate the pitch/formant on Little Altar Boy. This is absolutely based.

Side note -- when you sign up for an account with soundtoys, they email you your username and password in plaintext. I feel kinda weary about putting credit card information or anything like that on there, when someone could easily wireshark my credentials and run hog wild with them. Hashes, man -- google it, you neanderthals.


2015-03-04 00:00:00 by phosphorusprocedure

I do have an email account but I never read anything in there. I just use it as a dumping ground for signing up for bogus accounts and stuff. This (ng) is probably the best place to contact me about... whatever. Provided I don't inadvertently go on another 9 month hiatus.

Oh I finally figured out THAT song after like 2 years. Latch by Disclosure? For the longest time I just knew it as the song that went OOH OOH ooh-ooh OOH OOOH OOOOH (wub wub wub wub WUB wub). Couldn't make out the lyrics. Aww man.

Thank you based googlins.



2015-02-14 15:58:36 by phosphorusprocedure

Someone explain this to me

They don't sound anything alike. The fuck?

Old Beats (2010 ish)

2014-12-19 00:36:06 by phosphorusprocedure

Stumbled on these old beats I made from like 2009 or 2010, I forget:

I didn't want to clutter up my page with them, so I probably won't upload them here. Fun to listen to them, I heard lots of goofy mistakes I made on them. Panning bass samples, not EQing drums (or anything), clipping samples in weird ways (not putting a quick little fade in/out for example). And some of them are reeeeeeeally bad.

I like the How I Could Just Kill a Man beat remake. Remade the beat using my own sounds and samples. Added in some cool locust noise, and some stereo feedback instead of backwards Jimi Hendrix for the chorus.

If you got nothing better to do, there they are. Meep.

EDIT -- some of them are from 2007. I forget which ones. Corpse Man for sure.

EDIT - link expired




Bravo Nolan

2014-11-28 18:26:13 by phosphorusprocedure

interstellar was very nolan